Saving some dogs is fantastic. Saving all the dogs is even better! At Thorse Dog Rescue, we do not like the word impossible. Our goal truly is to change the world. Right now we are a small, new operation – but once we become more established, we have huge plans. They are based around a three step plan: education, expansion and promoting change.

In order to eliminate pet overpopulation and puppy mills, where dogs are horribly neglected and abused, we must educate people on what is going on. If no one knows what is happening, then how can we ever expect it to change? We believe in people. We believe in the goodness of humanity. We believe that if people truly knew what was going on and had their eyes opened to the reality of puppy mills and pet overpopulation, there would be a much greater outcry for change.

Therefore, one of our main goals – now and in the future – is to educate people about these problems. When people adopt dogs, when people stop in, when people attend events or even just run into us at the vet, we are always trying to educate them. We want them to know that puppies from pet stores and most puppies bought on the internet (except through legitimate rescue websites like adoptapet.com and petfinder.com) have come from puppy mills. We want them to understand that puppy mills are horrible places, where dogs are treated with unthinkable cruelty. Furthermore, we want people to know that healthy, happy dogs are put down every day in shelters because there are too many there. We want people to understand that they do not need to go to a breeder to find their perfect pet and they can find their new best friend through a dog shelter or rescue – and by doing so, that they truly are saving a life.

In the future, we plan to further this education by not just waiting for people to come to us for it, but to go out into the public to bring the knowledge to them. We plan to give presentations at schools and open up shelters in prime locations, where people who might otherwise have never even considered walking into a shelter will be apt to enter them.

We want these shelters to be inviting and exciting places so that people want to visit them and get out of peoples’ minds the idea of rows of chain link fencing holding sad dogs. If a person could go through a downtown area and walk into a beautiful building, with nice pens, current technology, and helpful staff – and pay only a small adoption fee for a pet instead of a thousand (or many thousands) of dollars at a run-of-the-mill pet store – would not pet stores be challenged? If people who have never even considered rescue regularly passed by a place that educated them on puppy mills and pet overpopulation, would they not be much more likely to rescue a dog if they decided to get one?

We want rescue to be peoples’ first choice in obtaining a pet, and we want people to be as aware of puppy mills and pet overpopulation as they are of Starbucks Holiday drinks or Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale. The way for this to happen is to appeal to people as these places do – make people want to come in, want to look around, want to tell others. This is what we see in the future – finding ways to do this and thereby promoting change.

It is a big goal. It will not be accomplished overnight, or even in a few years. However, Thorse Dog Rescue and our small, but beautiful and effective shelter in Oswego, IL is the basis for this. Will you help us to continue to build this foundation? Saving a few dogs is amazing – but in our future with this plan, we will try to save all the dogs. All it takes is dedication, time, intelligence and most importantly, God. We have all these tools at our disposal and will use them and trust that as we progress, the doors will be opened to us at the times that they should. With your help and the work of other rescues and animal advocacy organizations, we will forge ahead and not stop working at it until we have eliminated puppy mills and pet overpopulation.