On our banner is a superhero dog in a cape. I’m pretty sure Dan deserves a cape of his own. Without him, Thorse Dog Rescue would not yet exist – and the shelter building itself would probably never look as beautiful as it does.

Dan is not just a “jack of all trades,” but one who excels at all trades and is highly trained in them. He has a doctorate in Administrative Leadership and multiple other degrees in industrial engineering. Dan has taught architecture, engineering, leadership and education classes (to name a few). After retiring from administration, he started coming to the shelter at sunrise every day and working harder than anyone I have ever seen.

Without his guidance and expertise, the shelter would still be in the planning phases. He did everything from yielding a paintbrush to making countless trips to Menards and drawing blueprints – he truly made the vision a reality.

Additionally, he has always stepped up when a new task arises – if a dog needed special attention, he would coddle and care for him as though he were his own. If we needed someone to run an adoption appointment, he would leave his house to drive over and adopt out a dog.

When he interacts with the dogs, a soft side comes out that speaks deeply of his heart. He sees potential in them that others can’t and feels more deeply about them than he would ever care to let on. He truly believes in the dogs and shows them a kind of love and gentleness that to see is almost magical.

Working alongside this highly esteemed and professional man – who is also humble enough to put on paint clothes and work so diligently that he needs to tie a rag around his head to keep the sweat from dripping in them – is a privilege, honor and teaches one more than any class ever could.


Sheridan created and leads Thorse Dog Rescue. She has a strong passion and love for animals and helping others. Sheridan holds a BA in Pyschology and Criminal Justice, but after seeing how many dogs are in need, she felt called to dedicate her life to helping them. She only adopts senior dogs and dogs with special needs and has a particular interest in rehabilitating dogs who have experienced great trauma, whether it be emotional or physical. When necessary, she will spend hours a day for weeks, month or years just sitting next to or singing to a scared, unresponsive dog to show him that humans can be kind and loving.

In addition to having a huge heart for caring for animals, Sheridan has strong skills in business and entrepreneurship. She plans to use these skills to make Thorse Dog Rescue a success not just an individual shelter but as a national network of shelters and movement in dog rescue and animal welfare.


When everyone else is too exhausted to clean one more dog pen, Bryan is there. No matter how tired he is or how many hours he put in at his normal job, when he is done with it he comes to the shelter and gets to work. If something needs to be done, he does it. If he doesn’t know how to do it, he learns. When a dog needs a playmate, he’s bouncing around the play yard right alongside them. When a dog needs a gentle touch and soft voice, he whispers kind words and sings to them.

Besides helping with the day-to-day shelter operations, Bryan uses his multiple degrees in mathematics and software development to make this website and help the technological side of things to stay ahead of the game. Things that would seem like small crises, like the internet not working and the service provider not being able to come for several days (which would dramatically hinder our ability to adopt and advertise dogs, communicate, etc), are solved immediately when Bryan comes to the rescue. And he is always there to come to the rescue – whether it is technology related or otherwise. When someone needs to be calmed down, he is there to listen, put things into perspective and keep them going.

Without Bryan, the shelter could not function on a daily basis. He is the definition of dedication and he so believes in our rescue’s mission of saving dogs that he has changed his entire world and lifestyle in order to help make it possible.