Whether or not we currently have a dog you are interested in adopting, we are happy to put you on a waiting list for the kind of dog you are interested in – whether that is a specific breed, size or personality. If you aren’t sure what kind of dog you would like, just fill out our What Dog is Right for Me Questionnaire to find out!

Adoption Process

Fill out our application

Wait for response (Generally 24 hours or less)

Make appointment via email to meet dog

If everything seems to be a good fit, you may take the dog home the same day as your adoption appointment

Please note that in order to be fair to everyone and get dogs into their forever homes as soon as possible, we operate on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, we recommend making your adoption appointment as soon as possible! You may request an appointment time at the same time as sending in your application

Benefits of adopting from us

Lifetime Support from our friendly staff

All dogs are vet checked prior to adoption

We interact with each dog extensively prior to adopting them out so we can tell you all about him or her

We will make the entire process as easy as possible for you – from fast response times to great advice, we want the adoption process to be enjoyable and exciting

We don’t just care about the dogs – we also care about you! We are not only in the business of rescuing dogs, but also in helping families feel more complete and people to find a loving, furry best friend

You will be saving a life, fighting puppy mills, supporting a rescue, and gaining an adoring family member

Adoption Fees and Why

Our adoption fees generally range from $150 to $500 and average around $275. We are a not for profit organization and never make money from adoption fees. Vet care, rescue expenses and caring for the dogs until they are adopted is very expensive so know that when you are adopting from us, the entire adoption fee is going towards covering just some of the costs associated with having rescued your new furry family member.

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