Monetary Donation

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Simply put, what we need most are monetary donations.

Running a rescue is extremely expensive and new costs are constantly coming up. Currently we are functioning solely due to the generosity of a personal loan that got us up and running – but now, in addition to paying for the normal shelter costs, we need to pay back that loan. It went towards building our shelter – from fencing and flooring to air transfer systems and filing cabinets.

In terms of normal shelter costs, we must pay for vet bills, heat and electricity, towels, food, postage stamps…the list goes on for miles. We always do our very best to be economically responsible. We buy in bulk and constantly shop clearance. No one here is paid anything – even the president, who does not have a job so she can instead run the shelter, is never paid a dime. So know when you donate to us, the money is going straight back to the dogs and towards getting a new, important and lifesaving shelter off the ground and into the future.

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We are a not for profit organization and have applied for our 501(c)3 status