Why Donate to us in Particular?

No one here is paid anything - we are 100% volunteer run

We are new and it costs quite a bit to get a shelter up and running

We SO appreciate every single dollar – every dime really – that gets donated. We do not yet have many donors which makes every penny count even more. And we feel like literally jumping for joy when even the smallest donation comes in because it means you believe in and support Thorse Dog Rescue.

We are financially transparent. At the end of each tax year, we will publicly release all the information about where every last dollar went.

We are planning for a huge future! We don’t want to merely have a small shelter and save a few hundred dogs each year - we plan for this to be just the beginning. We plan to slowly expand, as resources and experience allow, until we are a nationwide movement. We plan to be frontrunners in the movement to completely banish all puppy mills. We are committed to changing the way the world looks at rescue dogs and shelters in general, and making them places that people think of first and are happy to visit when considering a new dog. (Please see our Future page for more information)

We are economically responsible. We shop clearance, buy in bulk and even make many of our own supplies.

Speaking of Daniel, 100% of the labor involved in building our shelter was donated by him. He really is an amazing guy and does amazing work – despite his PHD and own schedule, he was here every day for months on end wielding a hammer! This saved us tens of thousands of dollars, and in the future we will continue to cut costs by using talented volunteers like him and Bryan, a software developer who donates 100% of the web development costs and maintains this website pro bono! This means significantly more money can go straight to the dogs.

We give back. When other shelters and rescue groups need help, we step up. We partner with high kill shelters and transfer at risk dogs from their facilities to ours.