Volunteer Positions

All positions are volunteer and not monetarily compensated. However, you will certainly be paid in dog licks, gratitude, and the knowledge that you are saving lives and making a difference.

Experience and education are always helpful but not necessary for any positions; training will be provided. While all positions are flexible and allow you to take as much time as you need/want for vacations, sickness, or anything else, we do require you to be committed to the job and desire to fulfill it. Expect a flexible schedule and friendly management, but we ask that you do not take advantage of this flexibility (i.e. only working once a month, consistently calling in at the last minute to cancel shift, etc). All schedules are very flexible – you will be able to tell us what days and times you do and don’t want to work each week and our volunteer coordinator will work with your schedules.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator will be in charge of making volunteer schedules, supervising volunteers, reviewing applications, conducting interviews and training. Additionally, the volunteer coordinator will work with the marketing manager to recruit new volunteers. It will be up to the individual filling the position if he/she would like direct contact with the dogs or to help in the office only. The individual may choose to fill only this position or may choose to also combine it with a position from the “General Volunteer” Position List. In general, it will require a minimum of a 5 hour/week commitment.

Marketing & Events Manager

The marketing manager will be in charge of getting our name and dogs out there – writing bios for dogs and posting them online, creating and coordinating events, fundraising, networking, advertising and media communications. Experience is preferred but not required. This person must be computer savvy and have excellent networking and communication skills. The marketing coordinator will be a vital part of the business; the position may be divided between two people to lower workload and encourage ideas. If only one person, it will require a minimum of 5 to 10 hours a week in general, but less if two people fill the position. There will not be a significant number of set times that the Marketing & Events Manager will need to come in – much of the work may be done from home, if desired. The individual(s) may choose to fill only this position or may choose to also combine it with a position from the “General Volunteer” Position List.

Vacation Substitute

We want our volunteers to have plenty of time off for vacations and any other activities they wish to pursue. Therefore, we would like to find a person to be a general “vacation substitute.” This person should be flexible and enjoy learning new tasks. He or she will fill in for any volunteer position we have when the volunteer is sick, taking leave, or on vacation. Some weeks it may require no work and others it may require 10+ hours of work. Regular training will be provided. Just as you will be helping others to have time off, you too will be able to take time off as needed/desired. The individual may choose to fill only this position or may choose to also combine it with a position from the “General Volunteer” Position List.

Office Manager

The office manager will input data to our shelter management software, create and organize files, review adoption applications, and create documents. This person should be comfortable around computers, but does not need to be “computer savvy;” training will be provided and the software is rather straightforward. Generally, this person will be needed 2 to 5 hours per week. The individual may choose to fill only this position or may choose to also combine it with a position from the “General Volunteer” Position List.

General Volunteers Positions

We need many general volunteers who are interested in filling a variety of roles; you may choose to only perform one task or may choose to perform all of them as necessary. The more you are able to fill the better, but we are very happy for any/all the help we can get, even if it is only in one role! We do ask that you commit to at least 5 hours per month, and hope you will desire to do more than that. Training will be provided. The roles are as follows:

Walking dogs

Playing with/socializing with dogs in our play yard

Feeding/watering dogs

Cleaning kennels

Doing dog laundry (towels/blankets/etc) (washer/dryer at our facility)

Cleaning the office (sweeping, mopping, etc)

Grooming (washing dogs, brushing hair, clipping nails if comfortable doing so)

Outdoor maintenance & cleaning (mainly of 1000sqft outdoor play yard – mowing it, scooping poop, shoveling walkway to it from the office in the winter, etc. Also cleaning/hosing down outdoor kennels, ensuring they are secure, etc)

Organizing rescue store merchandise, taking inventory of new items

Dropping dogs off at and picking them up from the vet (Cages provided. Vehicle also provided, if necessary. Must be 21+)

More General Volunteer Positions

Adoption Coordinator

This position will be best filled by multiple people who interact with the shelter dogs regularly. It entails meeting people for adoption appointments and showing them the dog they have applied to adopt. The adoption coordinators should be comfortable “marketing” the dog to them – telling them the dog’s good qualities, encouraging adopting if the person(s) seem like a good fit, etc. While it does not happen very often, some people come in and do not seem like they would provide the dog with a good home and yet they still want to adopt the dog; therefore, the adoption coordinators should be able to be discriminatory and willing to say no or tell the person that their application will need to be reviewed further and they will be contacted later (in which case the lead manager will contact them so you don’t have to give them a direct no yourself). We will schedule appointment around our adoption coordinators’ schedules; however, the people filling this position should live nearby and have a flexible schedule and willingness to regularly come in with little notice so that the meet and greets are able to be scheduled around the potential adopters’ schedules.

Open Hours Staff

This position will be for multiple people. It will entail being at the rescue during some of its public hours (Monday 10-2, Friday 4-8 and Sat 11-5) to welcome people, provide them with information, show them dogs, supervise them, and potentially adopt dogs out to them. Those filling this position should have a desire to work with people and be regularly available during some or all of the public hours. Those filling the position should be able and willing to keep up with cleaning the kennels during the open hours (i.e. wipe up urine when a dog goes inside, etc). They should be comfortable with the dogs and be comfortable supervising and directing people who come in. They should be comfortable saying “no” to people who seem like they would not be a good fit for a dog. Training will be provided.

Lead Dog Groomer

This person should have experience cutting dogs’ hair or willingness to learn from videos, etc. Grooming tools will be provided. Should be very patient and willing/able to work with dogs who may have never had real haircuts or who have only had traumatic experiences with haircuts. Should also be willing/able to bathe dogs, clip nails, tweeze ear hairs, etc.